10 Decorating Pointers To Create Holiday Atmosphere In Your House


An unforgettable Christmas is carefully built from love, compassion and giving. Since the Christmas countdown has already started, we here at Freshome comprised a collection of 30 modern Christmas decor ideas for delightful winter holidays to inspire you. You already know what you wish this Christmas would feel like, so go ahead and get inspired from our list of modern festive room designs, fireplace decorations, Christmas trees and all those holiday arrangements for the perfect family Christmas dinner.

Make Your Own Joy and Share It!

All you have to bring to the table is happiness, an open heart and someone to share these uplifting feelings with. From monochromatic Christmas decor to vividly colored holiday decorations, we cover a wide array of possibilities to take into account this holiday season. Joy to the world!

White, Grey, Black – for Christmas?

Modern Christmas decor in white and grey guarantees the Christmas tree gets all the attention. Imagine a home decorated with graceful details enhancing the power of Christmas home decor. Furry textures add depth and warmth, balancing the austere color palette so the green Christmas tree looks vivid and everlasting. Silver and candlelight complete the luxurious scene, making every moment count even more than before.

Coastal Christmas in White and Blue

A frosted decor livened with blue tones can really make a difference this Christmas. Take it from the designers of the space above – a living room decorated for Christmas revealing nautical inspiration. Last-minute decorating should be easy if you stick to the colors already present in the room and know how to arrange your room around your Christmas tree. Adding some starfish and jellyfish tree decorations and hanging coastal-inspired stockings on the fireplace mantel is just what you need to create a feeling of a coastal Christmas.

Romantic Prints and Textures

We’ve shared 10 Ways to Enjoy an Eco-Friendly Christmas, so this year inspiration can go deeper than color, texture and aromas. Try to mix and match prints into your holiday decor, as shown above. An invitation to reading and writing, to opening paper-wrapped gifts and cuddle with the teddybear by the fire, this refreshing living room gives Christmas a lively appeal.

Simplicity is Key, Once Again

An elegant and graceful living room doesn’t need to be overcrowded with Christmas decorations. Sticking to the Christmas tree, a natural mantel decoration and some decorative trees here and there should do it if you have a carefully articulated interior design. The fire will warm up the atmosphere and Christmas carols will be heard from the piano – all in an uncluttered, welcoming space by Munger Interiors.

White and Gold for a Magical Christmas

Christmas with a fireplace seems an idea descended from perfect Christmas fairy tales, where magic reigns. This elegant living room seen in a snowy-white home in Norway can inspire you to re-create the aesthetic of magic you remember from Christmas stories heard as a child. A white room can be decorated with white and gold accents and adorned with some vintage pieces that tie the decor to the past. Using delicate tulle to decorate the Christmas tree, stars and candle light, try to re-create the feeling of a magical Christmas with Nordic inspiration.

Tall and Elegant Christmas Trees

Tall living rooms make for a fabulous Christmas atmosphere. Imagine a tall Christmas tree reaching alongside vertical windows to create a glamorous feel and presents gathered at its base. Sparkles and natural light mix to create a picture-perfect background for family photos. Indulge in creating your own dream Christmas decor, just remember that simplicity makes for a modern Christmas. Choose from these 10 Christmas tree ideas if your home is not tall enough to displays a towering tree and make way for the holiday spirit!

Scandinavian Minimalism and Christmas

A Scandinavian-inspired Christmas at home could be of a minimalist choice this year. Inspired by Nordic design, this house overlooking the Oslo fjord shows how furry textures, wood, fire and light mix in an inspiring Christmas setting. Modern Christmas decor relies on Scandinavian design to reduce the amount of color and induce coziness. And if you want even more inspiration, you should also check out these 30 Christmas decorating ideas to get your home ready for the holidays.

Modern Christmas with Tropical Fruit

A modern Christmas can mean showcasing exotic decorations, like the example above displays lemons and oranges among pine cones and winter greenery. Tropical fruit makes an interesting statement when last-minute decorating and creativity come together in an interior by Tobi Fairley Interior Design. Not your usual holiday decoration choice, lemons and oranges can break the monotony of traditional Christmas decor and show us we still have much to learn from nature.

Tartan Plaid and Glittery White

A living room decorated for Christmas has the power to transpose you into a reality where family takes central stage. The holiday season turns your home into a glowing, glittering dreamland where gifts await un-wrapping under the tree and everyone joins in on Christmas carols. Festive tartan plaid and glittery “snow” makes this home blend tradition with modernity thanks to Ballard Designs.

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