I am Wil Aguiar, the photographer, videographer and editor for all of Sea to See productions, I direct, shoot, film, and edit all the surfing, skate, corporate, events and promotional video projects.

I am a CASA credited and so able to pilot a drone and capture amazing images and footage from the sky.

I am also known as Wil around the Sunshine Coast or overseas.

My passion for Australia has started back when I was 16 years old but only could have in my hands for the first time in 2008 when I came to learn English and study Business and Administration after having a background and degree in Advertising.

I have met my wife, Paula Tura who is an amazing book writer, actress, artist and actress and together we have decided to have a family and move back to Australia for good but with a stop over at the Mentawais Island, Indonesia.

Now Sunshine Coast, Queensland is the place I call home. We have two young children and value family life.

My day is about to give to you a daily imaginary refreshment via photos or videos from the coast around the globe and making possible to you to have my Fine Art Photography straight at your wall in your home, office, hated restaurant, venue or 5 star hotel and working together with your interior personal designer.